It was time for a new website

Hi Cookie Monster

The first Dough Re Mi website was launched in October 2016. The first order was placed two days later. The website was simple, clean and contained photography that Jessie* and I had taken, in my kids playroom, with a makeshift photo studio. We used white pieces of MDF from Bunnings, shot next to a large window and used props which the kids would usually nick and snack on (sprinkles and M&M's).

It took hours... Not to mention the hours of editing in Photoshop.

Fast forward to almost 3 years later. . .

One day I looked up and Dough Re Mi had grown out of that website. After some advice from a friend and some Googling, I found and trusted Cristy from Embarketing to create the new-look Dough Re Mi website. It was a tricky decision for me, I had done all the design and marketing up until that point on my own, so it was a big thing for me to hand it over to someone else - I had to trust someone else with my baby. After a couple of breakfast meetings with Cristy at my favourite cafe in Wagga, we nutted out the vibe and message for the site. The rest I left with Cristy and waited.  Cristy old me she would get the first draft to me and I could make changes from there. The first draft arrived and it was exactly what you see now. No changes needed. Cristy not only got me, but the vibe and personality of Dough Re Mi.

Welcome and let me introduce you (officially) to the brand new Dough Re Mi website, also fitted with a brand new domain. The site is split up into two sections - Party Central and Corporate Branded Cookies. We've added a new contact enquiry sheet, a blog and a page telling the story of how it all started and introducing my team - past and current members. Find all our edible art in our Cookie Shop or sign up for our newsletter to keep in the know with all the latest and greatest.


Cookie Queen M

*not sure who Jessie is? head to the “about us” section to read the back story.