HATCHED the book

There are some times in your life that a moment will change the way you look at everything moving forward. The Hatched book was one of those moments for me.

It started with an email asking me for my story. I am going to be honest, my first thought was..." Seriously, who would be interested". But I have always tried to be open to all the opportunities that are given to Dough Re Mi, so I replied, told my story and then I found myself getting excited. There was such a buzz around it and being part of the buzz was amazing. I was going to be in a book, something printed, something you could hold on to. I was going to be in a book with a whole collection of amazing, inspiring people from the Riverina...



I was one of those people?

Coming to that realisation changed my entire outlook. No, I didn't start requesting only iced water with lime chilled to a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, or only eating jelly beans AFTER they had been sorted into colour. But when people complimented me on a new cookie design, or about how far I have come or that Dough Re Mi won an award - rather than feeling embarrassed, and down played it and said my usual spiel "oh its easy, not a big deal" - I just said "thank you". I told them how much I appreciate their support and how hard I work to create what I do.

Hatched was launched at the Playhouse in Wagga Wagga with Samantha Wills as the special Keynote speaker. To say she was amazing would be a gross understatement. The event was flawless, the stage looked amazing and what Samantha spoke about left a lasting impression on everyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket at the sold out event.

hatched cookies samantha wills

She spoke about owning your story, staying true to your narrative and to not follow a fad, or the on trend if it wasn't true to your brand. She honestly spoke about the ups and down of her business and how she overcame it to build the empire that was known all over the world and in the collections of stars like Pink.

I was a lurker, I hung around to the end for a fan photo. I was introduced to her as the cookie Queen and then found my cookie creation on her Instagram a few days later. What the?!? All because I said yes to an email. I pushed aside the self doubt of "who would want to know about me" and just jumped.

Jumping and realising that "I've got this", is a pretty exhilaration feeling, I suggest you try it.