Our Story


At Dough Re Mi we love to bake.

Dough Re Mi started with a bang, and, much to the delight of everyone involved, has only continued to grow louder! Co-founders Meredith and Jessie shook up the cookie world in 2016, introducing a whole new array of exciting creations, bursting with bold flavor, deliciousness, and just a little (a lot) of butter. Meredith and Jessie had a vision, and guided with the knowledge that there is nothing better than the sweet snap of biting into a perfectly baked cookie, they shared their creations with the world.

Dough Re Mi, which was once to Meredith and Jessie only a very tender and precious baby of an idea, exploded with success and support in a roller-coaster ride of happiness. After a little over a year Jessie decided to move on to other exciting adventures, with Meredith taking full charge of this one. Jessie is now head cookie taste tester and is, as ever, dear and special to the Dough Re Mi family. Meredith has, in turn, been joined by a team of eager cookie apprentices; who, whether while icing, emailing or packing have formed a family of sisterhood and work ethic with Meredith and each other, which is only interrupted very occasionally for brief and important meaningful chats and giggle fests.

Dough Re Mi has plenty of options to suit your needs, from individual cookies just for you, to multi-packs for the family (if you can stand to share), or bigger share packs to get everyone through those long meetings at work (OK, let’s face it, they’re all for you as well).

We can cater to your specific tastes and requirements, with gluten and dairy free options available. If you have a special design in mind, please contact us to see what we can arrange - we love custom orders!

All our cookies can be ordered online and hand-delivered in the Wagga area or shipped to any location in Australia.

Cookie! It’s what you want.